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Top Ten Tuesday: Heriones

Hi everybody! How’s everyone’s week been going?

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Todays topic is Heriones

  1. ROSE HATHAWAY from Vampire Academy
    This should be no surprise.
  2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
    Let’s face it without her the boys would have been lost the first year.
  3. Tris Prior from Divergent
    She’s Tris.
  4. Meadow Woodson from The Murder Complex
    I’m reading this right now, and I have to admit so far she seems pretty tough, and the blood.OMG
  5. Gretchen Mueller from Prisoner of night and fog
    Anyone who stands up against their family is tough in my eyes.
  6. Davy Hamilton from Uninvited
    She was accused of being a killer before she did anything.
  7. Mia from If I stay
    The girl had a hard decision when her whole family died.
  8. Ruby from The Darkest Minds
    I just love Ruby
  9. Carly from Raw Blue
    If you haven’t read this book it’s a hartbreaker, but Carly is definitely strong.
  10. Deuce from Enclave
    Anyone who deals with living underground, and wants to protect against the things above ground is strong in my book.

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One comment on “Top Ten Tuesday: Heriones

  1. Yay Hermoine! And Gretchen, too! Which reminds me, I need to read book 2! Great list (:

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